Martin Head

Martin Head Coastal Quad Trail

Approximately 100km long depending on route

First is the Crowe Brook Covered Bridge. Then on to the Big Salmon River Bridge. There is the snowmobile warming hut that offers a scenic view of the river. There is also a swimming hole just a few metres downstream from the bridge. Trail 3405 is up next. This trail was originally built as a walking trail but after years of neglect it was unusable as such. When the new Fundy Trail Parkway was being built, the Sussex Valley club acquired and rebuilt the trail for all users. Next is the Little Salmon River Bridge and another scenic view of the river. In a few kilometers you have to make a decision in terms of choosing the more technical but scenic way into Martin Head or the smoother way. Note either way will require backtracking as there is no loop for Martin Head itself. If scenery is your thing then you take trail 3408 towards the coast. In about 5 km, the trail turns right and the way to Martin Head is straight. Note at this point that you are leaving the managed trail system. The trail to Martin Head is in another 2 km on the left, if you go straight for about 1 km you will be rewarded with a vista of Martin Head and the Bay of Fundy from the lookout. Back to the trail in about 1 km from the main road, you will encounter a fork and a sign saying low tide or high tide. The low tide is less technical but is only passable at low tide. The high tide is quite technical but more scenic. Both will bring you out to the gravel bar leading to Martin Head. Federal law prohibits driving below the high tide line so driving up and down the beach and across the mud flats is a BIG NO-NO. It is preferred that people do not drive on the island. There is a graveyard on the island so be careful not to do any damage.

On the island are the ruins of a lighthouse that guided seafarers from the late 19th century until about 1965. Also, there is a very scenic overlook of the Bay of Fundy and in the distance, Nova Scotia.  

Depending on the tide you can return to the trail system by taking the other tide trail. When you get to trail 3407 or if you chose the smooth way you travel towards the Quiddy River Covered Bridge which is believed to be the longest covered ATV bridge in the Maritimes. Follow the walking trail on the east side of the bridge for about 15 minutes and see the famous Wallace Falls. This is a set of 2 falls. the first is about 15 feet and the second about 40 feet with a 50-foot diameter pool at the base for a nice refreshing dip on a hot day.

After Quiddy River if you want to take the smooth way turn right onto the Goose Creek Road this take you to the beach at Martin Head. Again, no driving on the beach. You can park not far from the road on the grass.

You must return to the trail system by backtracking. The remainder of the trip is a completion of the loop.


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