Quad Safety Course

Increase your safety knowledge and  practice basic riding skills in a controlled environment.

The Canadian ATV Safety Institute (CASI) - a division of the Canadian Quad Council (CQC) - has joined forces with the ATV Safety Institute (ASI) and the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council (COHV) to offer the CASI ATV RiderCourses.
 The hands-on, half-day CASI ATV RiderCourses is conducted by licensed CASI Instructors.

Program Highlights

Most current Quad safety program in Canada.
Most hands-on Quad safety program available.
Based on the well-recognized ATV Safety Institute (ASI) program.
Program enhanced with input from Chief Instructors across Canada.
Supported and endorsed by the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council and through the Council - all Quad major manufacturers.


Our instructors have been trained to teach the CASI Program. The curriculum is as follows:
  1. Introduction to the CASI ATV Rider Course.
  2. Using a Range of Signals, Rules and Warm-up Exercises.
  3. How to control/start the engine.
  4. Starting out, shifting gears and braking.
  5. Turning.
  6. Riding strategies.
  7. Riding circles and figure eights.
  8. Quicker turns.
  9. Sharp turns.
  10. Quick stop/swerves.
  11. Quick stop in a turn.
  12. Riding over obstacles.
  13. Safe and responsible riding practices.
  14. U-Turn / driving through hills.
  15. Circuit or trail riding.
  16. Wrap-up & review.

Parents of Children Under 16

A signed consent form will be required from the parent or legal guardian and they must attend the course with the youngster at all times.  No child will be allowed to ride without written parental consent and without the parent or legal guardian present during the course. You are responsible for bringing your own protective helmet, protective gear and clothing, food, water, a Quad (unless you are renting a Quad from QuadNB).

Cost and Rentals

The cost of the course is $125 for recreational riders. Commercial courses are also available

However, QUAD NB offers the following discounts:
80% rebate for children from the ages 6 to 15 with parents who are members
30% rebate for children from the ages 6 to 15 with non-member parents
50% rebate for QuadNB members.
Age-appropriate Quads for children under 16 are available for courses from QuadNB, please select this option when registering if needed.

Registering for the Course

QUAD NB certified instructors normally offer Quad safety courses until the first snowfall. Once you have registered, an instructor will be assigned to you.  They will then contact you to schedule a date for the course. During this call, the instructor will inform you of the relevant details for the class, i.e.: schedule, location of the training site, and more.
Courses are normally held on the weekends (Saturday and/or Sunday) and take approximately half a day or four hours to complete. We recommend bringing a lunch, lots to drink and all Quad safety gear required.

For More Information

Please contact us toll free at 1-888-847-1100 ou by e-mail at info@nbatving.com




Chief Instructor
Jim McGregor *
(506) 261-3960
Alma / Cap-Pelé / Moncton / Petitcodiac / Shediac
Heather Berry *
(506) 387-8727
Edmundston / Grand Falls
Patrick Levasseur
(506) 353-1000
Edmundston / Grand Falls

(506) 261-3960
Musquash / Saint John
Donald St-Pierre
(506) 672-2191
Musquash / Saint John
Marion St-Pierre
(506) 672-2191
Acadian Peninsula / Chaleur
Michel Plourde
(506) 399-1154
Rusagonis / Doaktown / Boiestown / Fredericton Junction
Jim McGregor *
(506) 261-3960
Fredericton / Hanwell / New Maryland/ Woodstock
Ken Legge
(506) 470-0105
Bouctouche / Miramichi
Jacques Poirier
(506) 476-0739
* Certified side-by-side safety courses for adults.

We also offer Side-by-Side Courses.

The ROV Basic Driver course from the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association is specifically designed for corporations, first responders and law enforcement personnel. Individuals can also benefit from this 2-part course.


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