Falls of Fundy

Falls of Fundy Quad Trail

Approximately 115 km

This tour takes in 6 sets of falls some are fairly easy to access others are more challenging. First is Crowe Brook falls about 200m west from trail 3401 and 200m north of trail 18.

Next is Crowe Meadows Falls which is about 100m from a small clearing on trail 3410.

Saddleback Falls follows on a side trail 3508. Travel to the end of the trail and look for a path on the right. It's about 50m. There is a pool at the bottom of the first falls that you can swim in.

Little Dam Falls (Hell's Kitchen) is the next attraction. On a side trail off Trail 18 you will come to a turn around, at the end of the trail. Look for a rope on the trees to help you down the slope (not for the athletically challenged).

Next is Mary Pitcher Falls on an unmanaged trail off trail 18. The trail is very rough and may not be passable across top of falls by side x side. SxS should access from eastern side. Caution there is a bridge that is in poor shape.

Last but far from least is Wallace Falls on Trail 3407 at the Quiddy River Covered Bridge which is believed to be the longest covered Quad bridge in the Maritimes. Follow the walking trail on the east side of the bridge for about 15 minutes and see the famous Wallace Falls. This is a set of 2 falls. The first is about 15 feet and the second about 40 feet with a 50-foot diameter pool at the base for a nice refreshing dip on a hot day.


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