April 22, 2022

New street access

Quads will soon be circulating on some streets in Nackawic

FREDERICTON, NB – APRIL 20 – The municipality of Nackawic will soon be added to a growing list of municipalities that accept quads on their streets.

The Town Council has indeed adopted in third reading a by-law that will allow from June of this year the quads to access the Otis Drive, part of Route 605 and Route 105 to access a new starting point.

Even if the by-law has been adopted, this does not mean that quads can circulate there now. This step is one step among others to come to comply with the terms of use. This includes, among other things, the implementation of new signage and awareness among members of clubs in the province. An information evening is scheduled for May 25, at 7:00 p.m., at the Nackawic Lions Club.

QuadNB will also take advantage of this information evening to raise awareness among users of managed trails such as streets or roads. Signage will be put in place in time for the planned opening of these streets for access to quads for the scheduled opening date of June 4.

For QuadNB's general manager, Jacques Poirier, this is timely news. "With all the investments that have been announced recently, this demonstrates that the government funds made available to our industry are well invested. This new access will bring new followers and especially new tourists. Let's not forget the businesses of Nackawic which will benefit from a new windfall by witnessing new traffic to their businesses and the considerable amounts of money that are being invested at the moment to improve our product that will serve as a benefit to the enthusiasts of other trail sports. »

Any new access to streets increases the number of members and followers of this fastest-growing sport in North America. In 2021, QuadNB saw its membership increase by 6,000 and 8,000 more quads were registered for a total of 60,000 registered quads in New Brunswick. In 2022, we are talking about economic spinoffs of $435 million, not including tourism spinoffs and gross domestic product.

This new access to Nackawic streets will have a major impact on many Quad clubs. It will finally establish a connection of two clubs opening a wide range of new trails for thousands of QuadNB members who will finally explore new experiences. This will also open access to the New Brunswick northern crown.


Club Admin


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