St. Martins

St. Martins by the Sea Quad Trail

Approximately 150 km

Scenic locations include Stoney Lake, Crowe Brook Covered Bridge, Theobald Lake, the Vaughn Creek Road Over Look, St. Martins Beach and the St. Martins Caves.

St. Martins is a quaint fishing village with a small port and a wharf. There are small shops and stores to buy souvenirs and bed and breakfasts for those who would like to stay for the night. There are two restaurants at the end of the trail and both have excellent food. The Caves Restaurant is touted to have World Famous Seafood Chowder.
Trail 18 comprises a large portion of this trip but there is a section of unmanaged trail that includes the Shepody Road which may have large logging trucks so caution is warranted.


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