Hill and Valley

Hill and Valley Quad Trail

Approximately 80 km

This tour shows why we brag that the Sussex club has more attractions per kilometer of trail than any other area of New Brunswick.
The places to see on this tour include:

  • Stony Lake on the Big Salmon River.
  • Crow Cemetery, a 19th century burial ground nestled in the woods.
  • Shepody Road Meeting House, the remains of a 19th century church and burial ground.
  • Londonderry Church, a 19th century church and graveyard.
  • 8 minute Trail covered bridge, a scenic look off that that views the Parlee Brook Valley.
  • Poley Mountain Observation Tower looks out across the valley to Sussex, Parlee Brook, Chambers Settlement and Walker Settlement.
  • #7 Lookout looks out over Dutch Valley and as far away as Penobsquis.
  • Bluff Lookout Picnic Site, a place to stop and have a snack and enjoy the view of Dutch Valley, Poley Mountain and Sussex.
  • Cotter Hollow is a scenic trail through a valley beside a babbling brook.
  • Misty Mountain looks out over the Wards Creek Valley and the farms in that area.
  • Friars Nose, a large rock outcrop that overlooks the Parlee Brook Valley.

A small portion of this tour is on unmanaged trails some of which may have large truck traffic.


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