Fundy Coast

The Fundy Coast Waterfalls Trail

Escape from the city and hit the trails

Just minutes outside of the city of Saint John at 201 Upper Quaco Road, offload your Quad at the Saint John ATV Club Trailhead and hit the trails. Some popular day or overnight trips are outlined below and you will not regret your stay.


You can’t get to the Fundy Coast Waterfalls Trail without stopping in St. Martins to visit the caves and have lunch at one the great seafood restaurants in the village. Unanimously, that ride pleases every visitor…or stay the night at a B&B, Dome tent, or tent at a campground (100 km round trip). 


The Town of Sussex is a major partner in our Quad development. New access to streets leading to amenities will allow you to stay overnight or have a spin on the hundreds of kilometers of trails in that area that connect to the Fundy Coast Waterfalls Trail. Take the time to visit the town and have a meal or stay for the night (200 km round trip) or visit the Sussex Valley Quad Trail Tour.

If you have never heard about Adair’s Wilderness Lodge, you can’t drive away. Discover Larry and Ida’s great hospitality for a great meal and/or an overnight stay at their beautiful cabins.

(130 km round trip)

Or just pack a lunch or the BBQ and spend the day touring the local trails and many waterfalls, lakes and lookouts. Note that these attractions are also accessible in the winter on the groomed trail network with 3 warm up shelters along the way.

The map below shows our 3 waterfalls on tour. Ratcliff falls, Tracy falls, and Saddleback falls

All these trails and attraction locations can be found on QuadNB website map or their cell phone app mapping software which also show you current locations while out on the trail.

The St-John ATV Club hopes you will enjoy your ride!!!


Club Admin


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