May 15, 2024

QuadNB Press Release

Reciprocal agreements with the provinces of NS, PEI, and Ontario have ended


QuadNB is sad to announce that the reciprocal agreements with Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Ontario have ended as of April 28, 2024, and cannot be renewed per the Off-Road Vehicle Act.


The reciprocal agreement that was in place allowed ATV enthusiasts from these three provinces to ride on managed QuadNB ATV trails without having to buy a QuadNB trail permit, on the condition that they had a permit from their own provincial ATV Federation, and vice-versa. It allowed QuadNB members to ride on these provinces’ managed ATV trails without having to purchase one of their permits, as long as they had a valid QuadNB permit.


QuadNB representatives will approach the Government to review the Off-Road Vehicle Act to see if any changes can be made that would allow QuadNB to renew reciprocal agreements with these provinces in the future.   For the time being, ATV enthusiasts from outside the province who wish to ride on QuadNB’s managed ATV trails will have to buy a New Brunswick trail permit, just like any other provincial resident.


Types of permits and costs (including 15% HST):  Groomed ($130), Non-groomed ($65), Weekly ($30), Daily ($20).


We are working on making daily and weekly trail permits available online. At the moment, they are only available at the club level.  We will issue another statement as soon as these short-term permits are available for purchase online.


To buy weekly and daily trail permits: 

  1. Go to,
  2. Click on “Contact us”,
  3. Click on “Find a club”,
  4. Type the name of the town where you will be riding. This will reveal the name of the club and the President’s contact information.


How to buy a groomed or non-groomed trail permit:

  • You can go to any Service New Brunswick office location;
  • You can buy them online at by clicking on “Buy a permit”.
  • You can buy them at various points of sale chosen by each ATV club. (Please go to Step 4 listed above, and then click on the club’s name. This will reveal the name and contact information for all the vendors and points of sale for that particular club.




For more information, please contact Mr. Jacques Poirier, General Manager for QuadNB by email at or by telephone at (506) 472-5130.



Club Admin


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