April 10, 2020

QuadNB Announces Trail Closure

Good day everyone.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone but QuadNB advises all quad managed trails throughout the province are closed as of today due to Covid-19. In two weeks, an evaluation from Government will be made on all recreation outdoor activities and they will give us an update. Even the sport fishing season has been postponed for two weeks. This is to respect the recommendations of the Province of New-Brunswick in regards with the actual emergency measures put in place to stop the COVID-19 spreading.

On the good side, many clubs have already closed their trails due to the spring thaw and this will help to improve trail conditions until they dry up. The situation will be reassessed in two weeks and remember, anybody caught by the authorities travelling on the trails or anywhere else on a quad could face some serious fines.

QuadNB will advise its members when the managed trails will reopen.

Your QuadNB president, Roger Daigle


Club Admin


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