January 14, 2022

QuadNB and Level 3 of the Covid Winter Plan: What does this mean for us?

QuadNB and Level 3 of the Covid Winter Plan: What does this mean for us?

 At QuadNB, we want our members to be safe and we want to respect the rules & restrictions that are in place by our government.  But with the Level 3 of the Covid winter plan coming into effect for 16 days, as of Friday January 14 (at 11:59pm) until Sunday January 30 (at 11:59pm), here is what we know:

QuadNB office

Because we are a non-essential service, no members of the public will be allowed to come into the office until further notice. But we will still be available to answer your questions and give you service, by telephone and by email on weekdays from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Club organized activities

Any type of social gatherings is forbidden, as people will have to stick to their one-household bubble. Club-organized ATV runs are not permitted at this time, as this may create a situation where people gather, but the trails are still open. Please feel free to enjoy a ride in the trails, as long as you respect social distancing and wear a mask if you happen to come across people who are outside of your one-household bubble.


Social gatherings inside the shelters are strictly forbidden. Shelters are only to be used for emergency purposes or to warm-up temporarily. If you must enter, we ask that you wear your mask and social distance. The maximum number of people who can enter at one time, is 50% of the shelter’s maximum capacity with social distancing.  Please keep in mind that fines for not respecting the Covid-19 restrictions varies between $480 and $20,400 and reads as follows in item #21 of the Mandatory Order:

  • #21:  Notwithstanding any other Act, the minimum fine for non-compliance with this Order and for an offence under Regulation 2021-67 under the Public Health Act is $480 and the maximum $20,400. Surcharges and fees continue to apply as normal. Each instance of non-compliance with this Order or of Regulation 2021-67 is a separate offence. Where a person’s non-compliance continues for multiple days, that person commits a separate offence on each day.


Grooming operations can still continue. However, if there are two operators inside the groomer at the same time, both operators must be vaccinated and wear a mask.

Important point

We ask that all clubs encourage their members to respect the rules listed in Level 3 of the Covid winter plan, such as wearing their masks and social distancing, while they are on trails.  The last thing we want is to have the Government force us to officially shut down our trails just because a few people have chosen to not respect these rules.

We encourage you to stay safe and we thank you for your understanding.



Club Admin


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