October 24, 2023


October 24, 2023


Dear QuadNB members:


This message is to let you know of two (2) things:

  • First of all, the American Income Life Insurance company has just mailed out their 2nd notice to give the members who have not yet done so, the chance to name a beneficiary.


  • Secondly, many members who have already mailed back their beneficiary card have received a 2nd notice by mistake. It seems like their names may not have been taken off the list when the 2nd mail-out was sent. We apologize for the confusion. Please disregard the second notice if you have already mailed out your beneficiary card.


Summary of the free policy that all QuadNB permit holders are entitled to:

American Income Life Insurance offers a free $4,000 accidental death and dismemberment life insurance policy to all QuadNB members. You become a QuadNB member when you purchase a trail permit in your name. The purchase of the trail permit is renewable every year, which is why you receive this letter in the mail every year. If you have already named a beneficiary and no longer wish to receive these letters because you buy your permit every year and your beneficiary will not change, you can ask QuadNB to place you on a no-contact list, and then we will refer you to our American Income Life representative to finalize the request. 


  • How does the money get sent out to a beneficiary or to a member’s estate?
  • Even if the death had nothing to do with a quad or ATV, as long as you were a member at the time of your death and as long as the death was accidental in nature, your beneficiary/estate is eligible to receive $4,000.


  • Whenever we (QuadNB) hear of an accidental death, we always check our database to see if that person was one of our members. Sometimes a club president or Region Director will advise us of the death of a member. But we are not always made aware.  So please advise your family members about this insurance policy, and ask them to call QuadNB in the event of your death if it was accidental. Then, QuadNB will start the process to get the $4,000 cheque mailed out as soon as possible.




  • QuadNB keeps its members' contact information confidential

The insurance company sends us a letter to approve.  We send the letter to the printing company we work with and have them place the letter in the envelopes with our logo on it, which they already have in their possession.  Then the letters are mailed out by the printer. An agent only has access to your contact information if you mail out the beneficiary card or if you fill out the online form.


  • If you fill out the little card:
  1. An agent may contact you to arrange a Zoom meeting to witness your beneficiary designation.
  2. The agent will probably want to speak to you about other services they can sell you for added protection. If you wish to purchase additional insurance that is up to you but not mandatory to get the free $4,000 insurance policy. If you’re not interested, just say “No thank you.” and the discussion will be over. The $4,000 policy is still yours for free regardless of whether you purchase additional insurance or not.
  3. If you die as a result of an accident, $4,000 (tax-free) will be sent directly to your beneficiary.


  • If you do NOT fill out the card:
  1. No agent will contact you. (They won’t have your information.)
  2. If you die as a result of an accident, $4,000 will be sent to your estate, but the money may be taxable, and there me be additional fees for your estate to process the money.



Natasha Landry

Administrative Assistant



Club Admin


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