November 16, 2020

Notice due to COVID-19

Here is an important notice from our Office in Fredericton

Please be aware that because of Covid-19, there are only one or two employees working in the Federation office at a time.   The others are working from home.  Sometimes the office is locked during business hours. (Ex: One employee is out running errands or having lunch, while another is at a meeting or traveling for work purposes.)

1 a) We strongly recommend that you call ahead at (506) 472-5130 before heading out to the office to make sure someone will be present when you arrive.

b) If you have a parcel or paperwork to deliver to us during business hours and doors are locked, call the office phone number (listed above) and

someone should be there in 5 minutes to take the delivery from you.

2.   Do not enter if you have one (or more) Covid-19 symptoms, or if you have traveled outside of NB, or have been in contact with someone who tested

positive for Covid-19 in the past 2 weeks.

3.   You must wear a mask when entering the office and use the sanitizing dispenser, which is located at the entrance of our office, to disinfect your hands.

4.   If you need to reach one of our employees, here are their numbers:

    1. Natasha Landry, Administrative assistant (506) 442-1591
    2. Ron Akerley, Office administrator (506) 459-5185
    3. Jacques Poirier, General Manager (506) 476-0739
    4. Vance Johnson, Trail Coordinator (506) 476-0905
    5. Jacques Ouellette, Development Coordinator (506) 480-0174


Thank you!






Club Admin


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