March 26, 2021

New Map

Peninsular Coast Quad Trail

It is with pride that QuadNB launches its first paper map of its new tourist approach with thematic trails. This is called the “Peninsular Coast Quad Trail”. These trails allow tourists to have access to a trail that allows a stay of at least two consecutive days without having to move their quad with another motorized vehicle. That is, starting from a point and coming back to it a few days later while having access to the necessary service points: accommodation, gas, food and others. One side of the map shows us the service points identified by different colors that correspond to the 7 clubs included in the course. On the back of the map, you will find the list of partners, the description of the thematic trail, the provincial map of quad trails and the list of circuit clubs with their contact details. Thank you to our partners. The first set of maps is available from peninsular coast clubs and partner businesses. We are currently working on two other circuits: “Southeast Valley Quad Trail” which will bring together 5 clubs and the “Border Trail” which will go west to east and include 11 clubs.


Club Admin


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