April 27, 2022

New Ambassadors


As we approach our 25th anniversary of founding and after getting a makeover with our new image, QuadNB is proud to announce that we are reaching a new milestone with the appointment of two ambassadors.

Indeed, over the past few years, the Trekk.it TV team has been able to improve the positive image of quad biking in New Brunswick by producing three television series viewed by millions of quad fans across the world.

Ryan Groom and Christian Perry are happy to join the big and beautiful QuadNB family as ambassadors. Ryan will represent the Anglophone community and Christian the Francophone community.

While filming the third season of Trekk.it, Ryan and Christian, and their two colleagues rode the Tour of New Brunswick for 15 consecutive days on quads to start their trip in St. Stephen and return 15 days later.

It was without hesitation that our two quad enthusiasts agreed to become QuadNB ambassadors. For them, it's more than just a title. This is a commitment to help QuadNB continue to grow and to help this fastest-growing motorsport in North America.

So, you will see these faces more often during our events and activities. Their role will also be to promote good practices in the sport and represent QuadNB at events inside and outside of New Brunswick.

QuadNB President Eymard Savoie cannot hide his enthusiasm. " What joy! We've been following them since the first series they aired and what a great way to engage fans of our sport, who are close to the communities, and who will support us in our efforts to advance our great industry. They have a good reputation and will soon become a major asset. »

Ryan Groom and Christian Perry join forces to say, "We are thrilled to help promote this sport, the trails, and the enthusiasts who make up our beautiful province's quad community and to bring this unique experience to the people inside and out of the province to help make New Brunswick's quad trails the place to ride. Communities and clubs offer such economic potential and we look forward to seeing everyone enjoy quad biking in New Brunswick.

The QuadNB Board of Directors invites clubs and fans to welcome them, and reminds you that Season 3 of Trekk.it TV is now available, and preparations for the fourth season are well underway. The objective of the 4th season will be to highlight the municipalities that accept quads on their streets and to raise awareness to those who oppose it. The title of the series will be “Our Hero Towns”.


Club Admin


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