June 22, 2020

Message from J.D. Irving

J.D. Irving Ltd closes its Woodlands Forestry Operations

Here is a message from J.D. Irving Ltd Woodlands.

“Consistent with the New Brunswick provincial announcement on June 19, 2020, J.D. Irving Limited Woodlands forestry operations are suspended due to extreme fire risk. Recreational use and access to J.D. Irving, Limited Woodlands is also suspended. Weather and fire risk are being monitored hourly in close coordination with the New Brunswick Fire Center. J.D. Irving Limited is prepared to respond and deploy to fires with its full fleet of aircraft, fire tankers and Human Resources until the fire risk subsided”.

I would like to ask all of our members and the general public to please respect J.D. Irving wishes and not venture out into the forest on their property.  We also remind everyone that crown lands are also closed to all.  And remember that we also strongly advise against riding in all wooded areas, even if it is on private property.

Roger Daigle, President



Club Admin


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