June 1, 2023

Forest Fires

Note to all our quad members and volunteers

As you may know, there are twelve (12) active forest fires in New Brunswick at the moment.  QuadNB is asking for your help at this time and we ask that you do not organize any ATV activities for the next two weeks.  The forest is very dry at the moment and anything could cause a spark. (Cigarette butts, hot exhaust rubbing against dry grass or brush, etc.)  Not only that, but some of the fires are still out of control and spreading fast.  We would not want to put the life of any of our members in danger. The air is filled with smoke in many places which is unhealthy to breathe in, and there is always a chance that the fire spreads to where you are holding your event.  If you are planning an ATV Run, an ATV Poker Run, or an ATV Rally, we ask that you postpone it to a later date, until the trails are safer for everyone.

We do not recommend anyone going into the forest, but if some members insist on going to ride their ATVs, we ask that you bring with you some water, a cell phone, a first aid kit, etc.  Please take every precaution necessary and avoid the areas where there are active fires.

Thank you for your collaboration.

Yours in ATVing,

Jacques Poirier, General Manager



Club Admin


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