February 29, 2024

2024 Winter Border Blast

The Tantramar ATV Club held its 2024 Winter Border Blast yearly rally on February 24th. QuadNB was happy to attend the rally with region directors from the four corners of the province attending. The snow didn’t stop the participants who had a blast. Thanks to the Tantramar ATV Club for hosting us. This was a perfect occasion for QuadNB’s representatives to explore the trails of the lower south-eastern part of the province, the door of entry from Nova Scotia.


We can see in the picture some of the participants. In the first row, from left to right: Roland Thériault (Region 3), Gaetan Sirois (Region 1), Daniel Landry (guide), Jason Towers (Tantramar ATV Club President), Trevor Richard (Tantramar ATV Club Vice-President) and Joey Zelward (Region 8). Second row, from left to right: Étienne Cormier (Region 3), Robert Randall (Region 7), Everard Richard (Region 5), Jacques Poirier (QuadNB General Manager), Vance Johnson (QuadNB Trail Coordinator), Jim McGregor (QuadNB Chief Instructor) and Ray Croft (QuadNB Vice-President).

(Photo QuadNB).


Club Admin


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