May 27, 2022

One week-end to travel on our trails without a trail permit

Weekend of June 4-5

QuadNB has registered a new record in its membership in 2021, reaching over 31 000 trial permits sold throughout the province. Most agree that this tremendous increase of over 6,000 permits was in great part the result of the COVID-19 sanitary restrictions. More and more, people are aiming for outdoor family leisure as the quad industry is the fastest-growing power sport in North America.

Understanding that, QuadNB is pleased to announce that after a successful first experience that happened during the New Brunswick Family Day weekend, the quad enthusiasts will be able to use the managed trail system in New Brunswick without a 2022 trail permit once again. The people who are not members of our Federation will be allowed to use the managed trails on the first full weekend of June which also happens to be on the same weekend as “Fish NB Days”. The June dates combine the recreational sport of fishing with the experience of quadding.

Rider eligibility:

  • Registered quad
  • Valid proof of insurance
  • Must agree to follow the Rider’s Code of Conduct on the QUADNB website
  • Must follow the Rules & Regulations to ensure the safety of yourself and others on the trails
  • Respect the Off-Road Vehicle Act and the municipal by-laws where applicable.
  • Youth drivers under 16 years old must hold an approved ATV RiderCourse certificate and be accompanied by an adult who also holds an ATV RiderCourse certificate. (Delivered by QuadNB)

In the words of our President, Eymard Savoie: “This is QuadNB’s way of showing what our product can offer in these difficult times and to open the door to new and exciting experiences. Quad enthusiasts commonly ask themselves if it’s worth it to become a member as 46% of the New Brunswick quad owners are not members of any one of our 57 clubs. Quadding needs to be discovered by many and our trails offer a large variety of new experiences and every club has something different to offer.”

Almost all QuadNB clubs have a Facebook page, so the quad enthusiasts are invited to check their local club’s Facebook page for more details. Visit QuadNB’s website under Contact Us + Find a club to identify the closest club.


Contact info:

Jacques Poirier, QuadNB General Manager, 472-5130 (office)

Vance Johnson, QuadNB Trail Coordinator, 476-0905 (cell)

Jacques Ouellette, QuadNB Development Coordinator, 480-0174 (cell)

Our office, QuadNB, 1-888-847-1100 or 472-5130.



Club Admin


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