Chase the Ace of clubs

Chase the Ace of clubs

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Chase the Ace of clubs

Organized by "Club V.T.T. du Nord-Ouest Inc."


The Jackpot for the first draw is listed at

$7,500 + 50% of the week's proceeds!!


Cost of tickets:

$5 each

3 for $10

8 for $20


Location of the draw:

Grey Rock Casino (located at 100 Chief Joanna Blvd, M.M.F.N., Saint-Basile, NB)



Wednesday January 11, 2023, and then every Wednesday after that until the Ace of Clubs is drawn.


Points of sale:

La P'tite Boucherie Inc., Edmundston, NB

Sullivan Esso, Edmundston, NB

Dépanneur Le Petit Donat, Edmundston, NB

Grey Rock Casino, M.M.F.N., NB

Parent Gas Bar, Edmundston, NB

Dépanneur du Coin Rioux Inc., Rivière-Verte, NB

St-John Valley Gas Bar, N.M.F.N., NB

Gallant Entreprise, Edmundston, NB

BMR Artheline Ringuette, Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska, NB

Wise Powersports, Edmundston, NB

Piscines Jack and Jill, Edmundston, NB

Garage Dionne Ltée, Saint-Jacques, NB

MSE Powersports, Edmundston, NB

GR Farm Equipment, Edmundston, NB

Mecanic Plus, Edmundston, NB

FBM Auto Sales Inc., M.M.F.N., NB

Grey Rock Motosports, M.M.F.N., NB

Bumper to Bumper, Edmundston, NB


*Tickets are also available for sale with the Executive members of the Club V.T.T. du Nord-Ouest.  For more information, please contact Tony Dunphy at or by telephone at 506-440-5262.


How it works:

First of all, the organizers get to keep 50% of the weekly proceeds every week.


Here is what happens to the other 50%:

If your ticket is drawn, you win 20% of the week's proceeds, and you get to choose a card.

1.  If you DO NOT draw the ace of clubs, you win 20% of the week's proceeds.

*(The organizers will then add 30% of the week's proceeds to the following week's JACKPOT. And the contest continues.)


2.   If you DO draw the ace of clubs, you win the JACKPOT + 50% of the week's proceeds.

In other words, you win:

  1. the JACKPOT
  2. the initial 20% of the proceeds you had already won
  3. and an additional 30% of the week's proceeds.

**Since the competition ends as soon as you picked the Ace of clubs, instead of adding 30% to the following week's jackpot, you get to keep that additional 30%! 


Club Admin


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